11+ Grammar Schools Entrance Exam

11+ Grammar Schools Entrance Exam

What are grammar schools?

Grammar schools are state-funded, academically selective senior schools. Grammar school are state funded unlike private schools which provide education for a fee. 

There are currently 163 located in 36 English local authorities.

How to get admission in a grammar school?

Grammar schools are ‘academically selective’. This means that to get in to a grammar school in England the applicants have to pass an ‘entrance exam’, often called 11+ exam.

 What is the structure of the grammar school entrance exam?

In England, the grammar schools use two type of entrance test assessments, GL assessment or CEM assessment. Irrespective of the type of assessment, the exam usually lasts 02 hours and covers four main subjects,

  1. Maths
  2. English
  3. Verbal reasoning
  4. Non-verbal reasoning
Do applicants need preparation for the 11+ entrance test?

The original idea behind the test was that the applicants should not need any additional preparation further to the learning they have acquired at KS1 and KS2. 
However, with the decrease in the number of grammar schools and the continuous increase in the interest in the grammar schools means that, at present, it is argued and believed that preparation and training, in formal or informal form is necessary for 11+ entrance exam. 

What do we offer for 11+ entrance exam preparation?

We offer a comprehensive 52-week in-person (in Cheltenham) and online 11+ entrance exam preparation covering all four subjects. In addition, to the four core subjects, our preparation packages include special emphasis on effective time management, handling test anxiety and nervousness and plenty of exam practice.   

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How many grammar schools places are available in Gloucestershire? 

There are 07 grammar schools in the Gloucestershire region,

  • Cheltenham
    • Pate’s Grammar School (11-18 mixed)
  • Gloucester
    • Sir Thomas Rich’s School (11-16 boys, mixed sixth form) 
    • Denmark Road High School (11-16 girls, mixed sixth form)
    • Ribston Hall High School (11-16 girls, mixed sixth form)
    • The Crypt School (11-18 mixed)
  • Stroud
    • Stroud High School (11-16 girls, mixed sixth form) 
    • Marling School (11-16 boys, mixed sixth form)

At present all schools have a fixed capacity of 150. 

Further information about the schools and exam dates can be found here

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